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With our call that reflects our heritage, we call out "Hido," just as Mudar ibn Nizar did when creating the art of Al-Hidaa, a tradition passed down through generations before 2000 years ago.

With this call, we named our app to embody an enduring culture.

We aim to spread joy and curiosity, encouraging the discovery and experience of unique and deep-rooted traditions of each region.

Hido acts as a bridge between you and the authentic local community, making ever y place you visit feel like home and its people like your own family. You will mingle with them, be welcomed into their homes, and delve deeper into the heritage of the place. Your soul will be nourished by its timeless stories, allowing you to know them better, explore with them, and enjoy their tales and adventures worth sharing.

Discover the untold stories of each destination, uncover hidden gems, and immerse yourself in the authentic culture. Hido is your gateway to creating unforgettable memories in the heart of every locality with LOCALS ;)

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