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Take a Tour with Locals

Explore Saudi through its citizens and enrich your vacations with authentic, personalized experiences.

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About us

A Saudi platform specialized in planning tours and trips through specialized local people and amateurs whom have open their hearts before opining their homes to share with others their cultures, hobbies and adventures.

As we committed to the principle of quality, we are keen to create a distinct user experience through diversity of offers provided by local people including tour guides, organizers and trip and sport amateurs. Moreover, we have a special feature as you can stay with a host family.  Also, we provide easy payment methods.

Our provided services are on constantly evolving.

The most prominent features of the Hido App :


Easy to use

Through an interactive map that shows the various places in the Kingdom; you can browse our locals you want to accompany one of them on your  tour. All you have to do is click on any of locals, read their reviews and services they provide, then, book with one of them. 

Immediate communication

You will contact locals directly and prior to confirming your reservation to learn the details of the trip or tour and to choose what suit you among the provided services and offers.



Easy to pay

We have provided you with the latest payment methods to confirm your reservation through Mada, ApplePay, MasterCard.

You can choose the easiest one. 

our story

Our Story

The Sadu industry -traditional form of weaving- inspires us from the moment of selecting its component, colors and elements, until extending its strings over the land of the Arabian Desert, breaking its fear and exploring its depths. 

Therefore, we would love to Sadu our roads again because the pleasure is in the journey itself, not in the destination.  

There are many places we have not visited yet,

Friends we have not met yet, 

Stories have not told yet, 

And monuments have not discovered yet. 

We want to walk through the paths of the Arabian Peninsula and narrate with and about it through its Sons whom know its history in sand, sea, gesture and engraving. Those who maintain its inheritance, preserve its values, carry their belongings under its tall trees, sip its desirable ones, sane in their knees and release their birds in search of a hunt to share stories and poems while they enjoying their hunt. 

That's why we named ourselves of these locals.

Join us

Join us 

Share with us our passion, join us and be one of Hido

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